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Joel Doucette is a copywriter extraordinaire. He has managed Compugen's national bid office, and currently helps provision stories for ITBuzz that sizzle. Email Joel here.

Truths end users never tell the IT department

Secrets. We all have them, especially when it comes to work habits. The question is, how secret are they really? I’ve often wondered if the IT department actually believes me when I tell them that my company smartphone mysteriously stopped working. It didn’t fall in the sink, I swear! We conducted a very unscientific survey and based on our “research”, here are the top 5 truths end users will never tell the IT department. 1.  …>> more

Cloud + IT department = innovation hub?

‘Cloud’ is certainly a buzzword right now – and for good reason. It offers IT the greatest potential it’s had in a long time to be an innovative contributor to the business it supports. Historically the IT department has been a bottleneck for implementing change and has faced challenges with costs, agility and time-to-market. It simply takes too long to get a business idea into production. If 85% of the time is spent maintaining the  …>> more

Does our need to stay connected actually separate us from the world?

Is it possible that the internet is robbing us of our life experiences?  I can think of several times when my own experiences of family time that were altered by my need to ‘stay connected’ to work and social activities through email and Facebook and the like. In my case, Facebook — ironically, the tool to keep people connected — caused me to socially detach from the people closest to me because I was too  …>> more

2012: A year in review

So 2012 is over and we are still ringing in a new year sure to bring new technology and developments in the way we do business, communicate and interact with each other on a daily basis. Let’s take this time to review a few of the biggest technology stories from 2012: Facebook IPO – Facebook goes public Perhaps the biggest letdown, particularly to the shareholders, followed Facebook’s entrance into the stock market. Facebook’s IPO launched  …>> more