About Lesley McDonald

A result driven professional Account Executive with 20+ years’ experience in the IT Sales and Services industry at Compugen. Have had success in many different vertical markets over the years with my current alignment being Private Schools, Retail and Global markets. Providing exceptional service to all levels of an organization, with the focus on strategizing and implementing technologies around workplace modernization, datacentre transformation and application modernization. Passionate about growing existing customer relationships while proactively pursuing new accounts. My success and goals are focused on ensuring all interactions are a positive, professional experience.

Agility and the Modern Workspace

It is all hands on deck as we dive deeper into a customer centric paradigm shift. So fire up your deck at the inflection point and make a little runway for your transformative change agents to pivot, segment, and come up with a solve. And if you didn’t understand that, you are part of the 99.99% who are equally baffled. Over the past two decades, the office place, and our perception of what is “ideal”  …>> more