About Mauricio de Leon

Mauricio DeLeon is an Account Executive with Compugen in Montreal. He helps customers of all sizes and types make important decisions about their IT infrastructure. Taking the time to understand business imperatives and aligning them with technical solutions is just part Mauricio’s strategic value to his customers. He is passionate about securing and protecting data. His technical background allows him to speak from direct experience of what happens in the datacentre when various solutions are implemented. Mau, as he is called by his customers and friends, would love to hear your feedback or continue the discussion from his posts.

It’s 2018, do you know where your recovery plan is?

Data is King. Be it customer data, supply chain and resource management data, or the valuable intellectual property that forms the core of a business, it is all data; and it all needs to be stored and protected from external threats, but also made available and used internally. So, if data is King, you must ask yourself, who is on the wall, securing the gates, and making sure that the King is safe? Protecting data  …>> more