About Richard Ashman

Richard is an Account Executive at Compugen with 15+ years of experience in IT sales and consulting with a specialized focus in retail. Richard has helped numerous clients implement technology solutions to keep up with dynamic market conditions and help improve the bottom line.

– Managed & Technical Services
– Infrastructure Consulting Services
– Cloud Computing
– Datacenter Optimization
– Software Solutions & Lifecycle Management Services
– IT Staffing Services

Want to win in retail? Here’s what you need to know

The retail landscape is more crowded than ever before. Competition ranges from digital stores that can ship to any geography and market, to out-of-country retailers setting up shop locally. With so many choices available to today’s consumer, a retailer must adapt to evolving consumer expectations in order to compete and attract consumers. For most retailers, competitive positioning is based on their brand strategy along with how they engage with customers. Some drive business by cutting  …>> more