About Steve Glover

Steve is Senior VP of Compugen Finance ( Compugen’s finance and asset disposition subsidiary). Steve has over 30 years of experience in the IT Industry including 20+ years in the asset finance and asset disposition industry. He leads a team of leasing and asset disposition specialists across Canada in support of the Compugen national account and client network. Steve provides a hands-on approach to the business, ensuring that all aspects of the unique Compugen Finance value-add proposition are both communicated and delivered to his customers. He has written for ITBuzz's predecessor publication, the Tuesday Technology Report, on topics of green IT, asset disposition and corporate social responsibility. Email Steve here.

Making technology accessible to families in need

In early August, I had the pleasure of participating in the launch of Connected For Success™, a national program that helps needy families with low-cost Internet access, personal computers and software. The program, offered initially to eligible Toronto Community Housing (TCH) residents, is designed give more youth online access and the tools and resources needed to experience connectivity. It is my hope that Connected for Success will help bridge Canada’s ‘digital divide’. As Harry Zarek  …>> more

Here’s a way to legally license your refurbished PC

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Logo
Improperly licensed software being installed on refurbished PCs by unscrupulous dealers not only puts purchasers at risk and deprives them of the benefits of being a legitimate software licensee, but also makes it difficult for legitimate refurbishers to compete effectively against pirate prices. In response to concerns expressed by legitimate refurbishers worldwide, and as another measure being taken to thwart software piracy, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) program. Under the program, a refurbished  …>> more

Buyer beware! Counterfeit software rampant in refurbished equipment market

Using refurbished computer equipment–printers, servers and mostly desktop and laptop PCs–is an attractive option for cost-conscious organizations like small- to mid-size firms, school boards and individual schools, for example. Unfortunately, however, the refurbished equipment market has also been a hotbed of software piracy–primarily the illegal use of improperly licensed operating system software. According to Microsoft, counterfeit software is a serious and growing problem for the 35 million PCs that are refurbished and resold globally each  …>> more