About Warren Wilson

Warren is a Certified Management Consultant and Charter Member, Manitoba Institute of Management and Prairie Region Manager at Compugen. He is focused on delivering professional counsel to his clientele and with over 35 years of experience in the IT industry is a sought after adviser and coach, especially as it pertains to the business value of IT solutions.


IT Battle of the Bands

  In the words of the Winnipeg Free Press, who would have thought that techno-geeks of the world could also be hot musicians? Introducing Techapalooza, an event you never knew existed, featuring bands you’ve probably never heard before. Hosted on February 21, 2013, Techapalooza raised $35,000 for the Manitoba Cancer Care Foundation. It was also a chance for some tech sector workers to  show off their hidden musical talents. The rules of Techapalooza were simple:  …>> more