Accelerating Microsoft SQL with Flash Technology

With the ever increasing demand for speed and throughput, SQL databases can present performance challenges to enterprise businesses that rely on them. Many organizations have resolved this in part by adopting flash technology. Microsoft’s recently announced licensing changes provide further incentive to integrate flash technology. Databases were some of the first applications to leverage flash arrays. They are the preferred choice to accelerate high-performance OLTP – Online Transaction Processing applications on Microsoft SQL server databases  …>> more

Mobility and Internet of Things Poised to Transform Healthcare

Compugen healthcare webinar
Hospitals are not the future of delivering healthcare. According to the Global Innovation Survey recently released by Intel, it’s clear that people are ready for a new model of healthcare, one that embraces technology allows them to take more control and rely less on physical facilities for treatment and care. Among the interesting findings of the survey: • 57% of 1,200 respondents said traditional hospitals are on the road to becoming obsolete; • 75% said  …>> more

Customer service starts inside the enterprise

C2B or cease to be? That is the question. With apologies to Shakespeare, what I’m really talking about is the shift in the enterprise environment which is driving some different thinking in how each department – and in particular IT – serves the business. It’s beginning to look at lot more like B2C and less like B2B and those players who don’t see the shift and adapt are likely not to be in business much  …>> more

How to get away without hiring a chief digital officer

Chief digital officer – it’s a new role, and one that we have been certainly hearing a lot about recently. Because of how new the role is, the job description is fluid but in general terms, the CDO is a senior manager with experience in digital marketing and e-commerce, and has led analog-to-digital transitions of both products and companies.  Unlike a CIO, whose role is to optimize efficiencies using technology, the CDO role is fundamentally  …>> more

Healthcare security isn’t a sexy topic, but we need to talk about it

In a healthcare setting, there’s no doubt that security matters because hospitals deal with sensitive patient data. The only time we hear about data security in healthcare is when something goes wrong, like when there’s a data breach and personal information is accidentally (or maliciously) released into the wild. Security expert Chris Poulin has calculated that more that 24 million electronic patient health records have been compromised between 2009 and 2013, with a significant amount  …>> more

Three tech trends that will change the business of technology in 2014

The last few years have been tough on tech companies; more than 30 percent of the value-added resellers and solution providers that were in business a couple of years ago are no longer operating. By way of reference, this figure is double the traditional attrition rate that comes from businesses going bankrupt, being acquired, or just shutting down to pursue other opportunities. The economic downturn did not make matters easier, and integrators and manufacturers have had  …>> more