Empower users or protect assets? We shouldn’t have to choose.

Business operates in a digital world where we spend a significant part of our day connected and interacting with people, applications and information both inside and outside our organisation. For our internal IT environment, we manage access to applications and data in a formal way. But when our staff go out to the internet, we can’t restrict where they go. We have an “honour principle” that they will go only to business relevant sites. But  …>> more

Why It Might Be Time to Let Go of Your Wireless Network

Wireless Network
BYOD means mobile devices are flourishing and adding to headache of keeping networks secure and optimized. Cloud-managed wireless ultimately benefits both IT departments and business operations. Outsourcing IT functions and adopting managed services are standard operating procedure for many enterprises to streamline costs and increase business agility. Now the impetus and technology is available to farm out your wireless networking infrastructure. The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon is reason enough to offload elements of your wireless network.  …>> more

The evolution of the datacentre

Change is nothing new in IT. First there were main frames, then personal computers and client server computing. Servers then got virtualized and then came cloud computing. Through these changes, software has been centralized, decentralized and now distributed. Consumption of IT services has moved from centralized, to shared and now it’s all about self-service. Change is nothing new. Neither is it always easy. There are 3 things IT managers and decision makers need to consider  …>> more

Dispelling misconceptions about Office 365

Did you know that… The annual savings of users who move their apps to the cloud is 21% (business insider) Cloud computing is up to 40x more cost-effective for small and mid-sized companies compared to running their own IT systems (Microsoft) CIOs will spend 59% more on cloud computing in 2014 (CIO Insight) Cloud software solutions are a big deal for businesses who are looking to their technology investments to help them be more effective, efficient and productive while keeping costs  …>> more

Hybrid cloud vs. hybrid deployment: one writer learns the difference

Eureka! Perhaps I’m way behind the rest of you, but I recently had a “Eureka, I get it!” moment regarding hybrid clouds, thanks to a VMware presentation I attended. Let me see if I can relive that eureka moment by playing back to you what I learned. You be the judge of whether I did in fact get it. Perhaps you’ll even have a mini-moment yourself, vicariously through my experience. First, to be clear, I’m talking  …>> more

Are Canadian companies wary of cloud computing?

The second annual Telus-IDC Study has been released, and it offers some insight and rays of sunlight about business cloud adoption in the Canadian market.  But first, the bad news…. we are scared of the cloud Canadian business and IT leaders are surprisingly fearful of cloud computing. In his recent report,  IDC analyst Mark Schrutt notes a pattern of “perceived data governance challenges” that seem to prevent Canadian organizations from acting on opportunity to “take advantage of  …>> more