6 business uses for touch devices and why touch is here to stay

Microsoft touch devices
My boys were about 3.5 years old when we went into an IKEA store one day. Both boys immediately ran up to the display TV in a staged living room and started touching the screen. They figured it should work the same as the touch screen computer in our kitchen. In fact, it wasn’t until they went to school that they learned about a mouse and keyboard. To them, touch is both instinctive and intuitive  …>> more

Mobility and Internet of Things Poised to Transform Healthcare

Compugen healthcare webinar
Hospitals are not the future of delivering healthcare. According to the Global Innovation Survey recently released by Intel, it’s clear that people are ready for a new model of healthcare, one that embraces technology allows them to take more control and rely less on physical facilities for treatment and care. Among the interesting findings of the survey: • 57% of 1,200 respondents said traditional hospitals are on the road to becoming obsolete; • 75% said  …>> more

The IT Cheshire Cat

Remembering the glory days of innovation in corporate IT For lovers of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat has special appeal. Distinctive among Wonderland characters, the Cat is enigmatic creature that maintains a cool, grinning outsider status. The Cat appears and disappears at will, at times revealing only its toothy grin as evidence of its presence. Innovation within the Information Technology department, it seems, is like the Cheshire Cat. It appears and disappears  …>> more

Living without Lync: No Thanks!

I’ve been working out of a home office for the past 10 years and although it may not be for everyone, I’d have a hard time going back to being in an office every day. While there are both merits and pitfalls to telecommuting, there is one tool I couldn’t do it without: Lync. I have to admit, I have a certain bias here. After all, I did just come from 6 years of working  …>> more

Working from home is still real work

Work from anywhere!
  “Is a traditional office even necessary?” That’s what an article in yesterday’s Report on Business section of the Globe and Mail asked. After all, in the age of cloud computing, mobile devices, and cheap and fast internet, who really needs to go to the office? Why not work from home, where you can lounge about in PJs and eat bonbons while you creatively respond to emails? In fact, anyone can start a business and  …>> more

Tablets, physicians, and love letters at Ottawa Hospital

One of my favourite topics is how organizations are overcoming the security challenges of supporting user devices on a closed network. Hospitals in particular are a great example because patient information is highly sensitive data. At Ottawa Hospital, until recently, physicians who wanted to access information such as patient records or diagnostic images were tethered to a workstation, either in their office, at a nursing station or out on the units. However, the past year  …>> more