Take The First Steps Today Towards The Autonomous Network of Tomorrow

Evolve or dissolve. This is the mantra of just about every business organization in the marketplace today. Everyone is under the same pressure to stay ahead of the ever-changing business and technology landscape or face the potentially dire consequences. At the forefront of this modern workplace transformation is the decision by many organizations to transition to an autonomous network. An autonomous network is one where many of the day-to-day network IT decisions and adjustments are  …>> more

A Millimetre Away From Total Mayhem

Why every organization needs an Incident Response Plan In psychology, the phenomenon is known as illusory correlation. It’s a term that’s used to describe our ability as humans to perceive a relationship between things when no such relationship exists. I’m often reminded of this phenomenon whenever I speak to one of my fellow executives about their preparedness for a potential cyber-attack. I’ll ask them if they have a cyber-attack incident response plan and usually what  …>> more

Become an agent of positive change

The biggest obstacle in achieving successful change management in any environment has nothing to do with technology. It’s not compatibility, interoperability or platform alignment. What stands in the way of successful change management, all too often, is a combination of pride and fear. At first, this may seem counterintuitive. After all, isn’t taking pride in one’s work something we should all do? For as long as we can remember, fear has been a healthy counterbalance  …>> more

Le secret de la croissance pour les moyennes entreprises canadiennes

Home Depot dispose d’un système de commande en ligne extraordinaire pour le bricoleur. Vous pouvez vérifier les stocks, commander en ligne et récupérer votre commande en magasin en quelques heures. Pour un homme à tout faire voulant terminer un projet de fin de semaine, ce service est idéal. Skip – du resto jusqu’à vous a quasiment éliminé le besoin d’aller chercher les plats à emporter au restaurant. L’application en ligne a permis la livraison de  …>> more

The Hidden Growth Secret for Canadian Medium-Sized Businesses

Home Depot has amazing online ordering for the “Do-It-Yourselfer”. Check inventory, order online and pick up in-store in the space of a couple of hours – for a handyman trying to complete a weekend project, the service is a dream. Skip-the-Dishes has pretty much eliminated the need to drive to a restaurant for take-out food. The online app has not only made dinner delivery a simple click, it is a boost for restaurant owners whose  …>> more

Making the Move – When Companies Shift to a New Digital Home

by Jamie O’Brien Moving, in whatever context, is always fraught with unexpected variables, whether it is moving to a new physical home, or to a digital one. Every business, from time-to-time, has to move from one digital home to another as computer operating systems (OS) change and evolve. Over the past quarter century this has meant moves from Unix, DOS, or Windows 3 to Windows NT, 95, 98, or XP, then to Vista, 7, and  …>> more