The IT Cheshire Cat

Remembering the glory days of innovation in corporate IT For lovers of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat has special appeal. Distinctive among Wonderland characters, the Cat is enigmatic creature that maintains a cool, grinning outsider status. The Cat appears and disappears at will, at times revealing only its toothy grin as evidence of its presence. Innovation within the Information Technology department, it seems, is like the Cheshire Cat. It appears and disappears  …>> more

Blackberry blues and the future of tech in Canada

As one of the few Canadians attending a recent international IT meeting, I found myself on the receiving end of several expressions of condolences about the fate of Blackberry – some more sincere than others. I have to admit, both as a happy ‘berry’ user for many years and as a proud Canadian, to experiencing at least a twinge of sadness at the negativity that seems to surround this one-time flagship of our industry in  …>> more

NSA, PRISM and public-cloud data: how safe is it?

It came to light this week that the National Security Administration (NSA) has had access to user data in public-cloud applications such as Facebook, Google, Apple and six other applications as well as a host of phone companies. It appears that a secret NSA program called PRISM has been scanning search histories, emails, files and even live chats. Previously it was classified as Top Secret but as a result of this expose, NSA has now  …>> more

“Today, tomorrow, together”: Thoughts on the opening presentation at #ciscops13

4 June 2013, Boston, MA—“Today, tomorrow, together” was the theme of an inspiring message from Cisco’s CEO John Chambers delivered during the opening presentation this morning at the Cisco Partner Summit 2013 in Boston, Mass. According to Chambers, Cisco, today the dominant player in the networking industry, is positioning itself to become the world’s #1 IT company. An audacious goal, but one that the company may well achieve. Here’s why I think they have a  …>> more

Free Webinar: The end of Windows XP is coming soon. Do you have a plan?

Moving from Windows XP can seem like a huge undertaking but not moving before April 8, 2014 is a bigger risk. Running an outdated and soon-to-be unsupported desktop operating system exposes your organization to unnecessary risks and leaves it vulnerable at a time when security and privacy are top concerns. Whatever stage you’re at with your Windows client deployment project, we can help. Compugen has invested significantly in developing solutions and resources to accelerate desktop  …>> more

Truths end users never tell the IT department

Secrets. We all have them, especially when it comes to work habits. The question is, how secret are they really? I’ve often wondered if the IT department actually believes me when I tell them that my company smartphone mysteriously stopped working. It didn’t fall in the sink, I swear! We conducted a very unscientific survey and based on our “research”, here are the top 5 truths end users will never tell the IT department. 1.  …>> more