Inspiration from a 20th century warrior

When I was thirteen years old my father took me to see George C. Scott’s cinematic portrayal of General George S Patton. I was forever to become a student and fan of one of the most controversial generals of the Second World War. more

How to get away without hiring a chief digital officer

Chief digital officer – it’s a new role, and one that we have been certainly hearing a lot about recently. Because of how new the role is, the job description is fluid but in general terms, the CDO is a senior manager with experience in digital marketing and e-commerce, and has led analog-to-digital transitions of both products and companies.  Unlike a CIO, whose role is to optimize efficiencies using technology, the CDO role is fundamentally  …>> more

What happened to innovation in IT?

Today’s IT department is under considerable pressure to do things differently and strike a balance between meeting the needs of the organization and the changing expectations of users. What has made IT successful in the past may no longer be adequate. Pressure from within IT persists as management continues to struggle with the age-old conflict between just keeping existing systems running smoothly and the need to generate value for the business (e.g. by deploying new  …>> more

Following Alex Ferguson’s management formula

Sir Alex Ferguson is arguably one of the most successful and prolific professional sports coaches of all time. Over his 26-year tenure as guardian of Manchester United – one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world – his teams racked up trophy after trophy after trophy. He won 13 English top-league championships and 25 other trophies. Ferguson is to Man. U what Steve Jobs was to Apple. Despite being a recovering jockaholic, my  …>> more

PRISM revelations mean we have less privacy than we thought

Recent headlines about the scope of government snooping on telecommunications activities in the United States have prompted reactions ranging from outrage on the negative side to affirmation or resignation on the positive side. It seems that most of us have less privacy than we thought. Privacy: More Than Just Confidentiality Privacy is related to confidentiality, one of the cornerstones of information security (along with integrity and availability). But privacy and confidentiality are different: privacy relates  …>> more

The once-unstoppable force of selling meets the new immovable object of procurement

  An article for both buyers and sellers There they stand, two fighters fiercely staring at each other across the Octagon, fired up and ready to pounce. The announcer’s voice echoes through the arena: “Fighting out of the Red corner; representing the Sales Bull-pen. He’s light on his feet and known for his jabs and his uncanny ability to bounce up off the mat. With incalculable wins and unspecified losses, he’s the prize-fighter from another  …>> more