Connected for Success gives disadvantaged families access to technology

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I love seeing organizations use their resources to benefit the greater community. And I love working for a company that  takes an active leadership role with initiatives such as Green for Good, which provides a way for enterprises to recycle old IT equipment while donating cash and new technology to charities.

This week another great program was announced by Compugen called Connected for Success, which helps low-income and disadvantaged families get access to technology through a partnership between Compugen, Microsoft and telecom companies. Read all about it in this announcement below:

Connected for Success to Help Disadvantaged Families Get High-Speed Internet Access at Home

Compugen is pleased to announce Connected for Success, a national program to be phased in beginning in August 2013 that helps needy families with at-home internet access via low-cost personal computer and software.
Connected for Success, modeled on a program in the United States called Connect2Compete, depends on a collaborative effort between the software provider (Microsoft), the hardware provider (Compugen), a telco (the first telco to join the program is Rogers) and a major community service agency or charity to help identify needy families (the first agency is Toronto Community Housing). Key elements are significantly discounted internet services, a discounted computer with standard operating system and unique educational software from Microsoft, and related technical support. The computer, software and internet service can come as a bundle or service and hardware/software are available separately as part of Connected for Success.

“Kudos to Rogers and to Toronto Community Housing for having the vision to take a leading role in this program,” said Steve Glover, Senior VP, Compugen Finance Inc. “Canada is a great place for Microsoft, Compugen and the telecommunications industry to do business and we all have a role to play in giving back. We trust that other telcos and community groups across Canada will step up to the plate and help give disadvantaged families wherever they are the tools to Connect for Success.”

Compugen is proud to be working with Microsoft, Rogers and Toronto Community Housing for this first phase of the program to come into effect in the late summer of this year. Pricing for internet service from Rogers has been announced at an aggressive $9.99/month for up to 30GB of data and maximum speed of 3Mb/s (with no overage fees) and an amazing $150 for a Microsoft-software-provisioned computer from Compugen, including technical support. Prequalification will be done by Toronto Community Housing and those interested should watch the TCH website at for announcements or call (416) 981-5500 for further information. Terms and conditions are subject to change prior to the rollout of the program.

Connected for Success is a sister initiative of Green4Good. Green4Good™ aims to divert computers in good repair from recycling so they can be securely refurbished, reimaged and repurposed for socially valuable goals, including being resold with the proceeds donated to a charity of the donor’s choice. Connect for Success will work with Green4Good to divert more refurbished computers from the recycling stream.

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