Making the Move – When Companies Shift to a New Digital Home

by Jamie O’Brien

Moving, in whatever context, is always fraught with unexpected variables, whether it is moving to a new physical home, or to a digital one. Every business, from time-to-time, has to move from one digital home to another as computer operating systems (OS) change and evolve. Over the past quarter century this has meant moves from Unix, DOS, or Windows 3 to Windows NT, 95, 98, or XP, then to Vista, 7, and 10, or perhaps to virtual desktops. The change usually begins with individuals making the shift, and then to entire organizations. The problem for business is that the process is complex, often expensive, and time consuming.

The process to change OS is not dissimilar to that of moving to a new house. In an older home, you often reach a point where it is no longer viable to repair and renovate – termites in the foundation, a leaky roof and lack of space make it simpler to simply move. Now imagine that in the process of moving, you discover that some of your furniture and appliances won’t fit through the doors of your new home – leaving you with valuable assets sitting out on the driveway, and a prayer that a thunderstorm doesn’t hit.

When organizations move from operating system to another, some applications will work as expected, but others will not. And if a critical application happens to be among the dysfunctional, all kinds of issues ensue.

It’s a predicament. Some companies avoid the issue by delaying their move to a new OS, leaving their systems vulnerable when their current OS is no longer supported by security updates. Endless reports of hacks and data breaches of businesses using outdated systems have proven the danger of this approach. Others dive in and hope – assuming that critical applications will work properly and dealing with issues as they arise. Unfortunately, if the wrong application is inoperable, chaos can ensue.

What you really need is the equivalent of a professional house mover for your applications. Someone to review both the new operating system and the old, and ensue that all those precious applications will “fit” comfortably into their new digital home. This is what we’ve created with our AppStudio suite of services.

Compugen’s AppStudio provides a simple, managed solution for organizations looking to transition to a new operating system. The process starts with a compatibility analysis – reviewing each app to see which ones can move immediately to the new home, and which ones will need customization, virtualization or replacement. From there we customize or virtualize any apps in need of change, and finally, we can help deploy.

Everything is managed through an online portal, providing visibility to the process all the way along the journey. Interested? If you are looking to simplify your digital move, send us a note at and we’ll connect with you and get your move started.

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