Starting with a Strong Foundation

I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges, the knowledge I have gained and the success I have had in my career in 20+ years working in network infrastructure and communications. I am very excited the enter the next phase of my career as I accept my newest appointment, Director, Communications & Collaboration for Compugen. Like any transition, it has had its challenges, but 6 months into the role, I’m pleased with the progress the team is  …>> more

Think Managed IT Services is Outsourcing?
Think Again.

When Tom Johnson[1] partnered with a managed services provider to monitor and maintain his production platform, not only did uptime increase but revenue jumped, too. With less focus on break/fix fire drills, his internal teams are now working more collaboratively on initiatives to improve sales, customer service and product offerings. If you’re still thinking of managed IT services as just a form of outsourcing, you’re missing out. Increasingly, many organizations with internal IT teams are  …>> more

Agility and the Modern Workspace

It is all hands on deck as we dive deeper into a customer centric paradigm shift. So fire up your deck at the inflection point and make a little runway for your transformative change agents to pivot, segment, and come up with a solve. And if you didn’t understand that, you are part of the 99.99% who are equally baffled. Over the past two decades, the office place, and our perception of what is “ideal”  …>> more

Collaboration & the Modern Workplace

A recent KPMG report noted that the main priorities of modern workers fall into four major areas – culture, enjoyment of the working experience, open and honest communication, and flexibility.[1] Price Waterhouse Coopers notes that while some organizations recognize the importance of these priorities, many other organizations still struggle to achieve them.[2] A key challenge most companies face today is meeting the needs of modern workers while maintaining a competitive edge, a process that often  …>> more

Collaboration et Environnement de Travail Moderne

Un rapport récent de KPMG a noté que les principales priorités des travailleurs modernes se répartissent en quatre secteurs principaux: la culture, la jouissance de l’expérience de travail, une communication ouverte et honnête, et la flexibilité.[1] Price Waterhouse Coopers note que si certaines organisations reconnaissent l’importance de ces priorités, de nombreuses autres organisations ont encore du mal à les atteindre.[2] L’un des principaux défis auxquels la plupart des entreprises sont confrontées aujourd’hui est de répondre  …>> more

Making the Move – When Companies Shift to a New Digital Home

by Jamie O’Brien Moving, in whatever context, is always fraught with unexpected variables, whether it is moving to a new physical home, or to a digital one. Every business, from time-to-time, has to move from one digital home to another as computer operating systems (OS) change and evolve. Over the past quarter century this has meant moves from Unix, DOS, or Windows 3 to Windows NT, 95, 98, or XP, then to Vista, 7, and  …>> more