The evolution of the datacentre

Change is nothing new in IT. First there were main frames, then personal computers and client server computing. Servers then got virtualized and then came cloud computing. Through these changes, software has been centralized, decentralized and now distributed. Consumption of IT services has moved from centralized, to shared and now it’s all about self-service. Change is nothing new. Neither is it always easy. There are 3 things IT managers and decision makers need to consider  …>> more

Are Canadian companies wary of cloud computing?

The second annual Telus-IDC Study has been released, and it offers some insight and rays of sunlight about business cloud adoption in the Canadian market.  But first, the bad news…. we are scared of the cloud Canadian business and IT leaders are surprisingly fearful of cloud computing. In his recent report,  IDC analyst Mark Schrutt notes a pattern of “perceived data governance challenges” that seem to prevent Canadian organizations from acting on opportunity to “take advantage of  …>> more

What isn’t the cloud good for?

Data is everywhere. Especially in the cloud.
  There is no shortage of material devoted to discussing cloud-based computing and praising its benefits. Unfortunately as the term “cloud” continues to become more ubiquitous, it’s easy to get the impression that there isn’t anything you can’t do on the cloud. Over the past two years hardware and software vendors have been tripping over themselves trying to reposition products as being closely aligned with the cloud. In fact, I recently read about a manufacturer  …>> more