Dispelling misconceptions about Office 365

Did you know that… The annual savings of users who move their apps to the cloud is 21% (business insider) Cloud computing is up to 40x more cost-effective for small and mid-sized companies compared to running their own IT systems (Microsoft) CIOs will spend 59% more on cloud computing in 2014 (CIO Insight) Cloud software solutions are a big deal for businesses who are looking to their technology investments to help them be more effective, efficient and productive while keeping costs  …>> more

A new game-changer in the public cloud marketplace

To date, enterprise and mid-enterprise businesses in Canada who want to explore private cloud options have been hampered by slow provisioning times, spotty reliability, and restrictive pricing agreements that lock you into a contract months or years in advance. Last week, ThinkOn introduced the first virtual datacentre in Canada. I think this is going to be a game-changer in the Canadian marketplace. In my opinion, it has a lot of promising features that set it  …>> more

What we can learn from Amazon’s cloud model

How the ecommerce site has turned its own infrastructure into a lucrative revenue source – and what it traditional storage vendors can learn from Amazon’s cloud model. In these early days of cloud computing, I’m seeing an interesting trend emerge as companies look for business opportunities presented by this new model. It seems that the businesses that are most successful are the ones that are already operating in the cloud in some manner or using  …>> more

How to choose the best cloud for your business

Cloud Collage
It’s hard to ignore all the buzz around cloud computing. Offering an impressive list of potential infrastructure benefits, including cost reduction, flexibility, scalability, reliability, maintainability and more, cloud represents a significant disruptive shift in the traditional computing paradigm. Cost, performance, security and budget all offer compelling reasons to make a jump to the cloud. But there are dozens of cloud services available, so how do you decide which cloud model is right for you? Key  …>> more