What isn’t the cloud good for?

Data is everywhere. Especially in the cloud.
  There is no shortage of material devoted to discussing cloud-based computing and praising its benefits. Unfortunately as the term “cloud” continues to become more ubiquitous, it’s easy to get the impression that there isn’t anything you can’t do on the cloud. Over the past two years hardware and software vendors have been tripping over themselves trying to reposition products as being closely aligned with the cloud. In fact, I recently read about a manufacturer  …>> more

Living without Lync: No Thanks!

I’ve been working out of a home office for the past 10 years and although it may not be for everyone, I’d have a hard time going back to being in an office every day. While there are both merits and pitfalls to telecommuting, there is one tool I couldn’t do it without: Lync. I have to admit, I have a certain bias here. After all, I did just come from 6 years of working  …>> more

The once-unstoppable force of selling meets the new immovable object of procurement

  An article for both buyers and sellers There they stand, two fighters fiercely staring at each other across the Octagon, fired up and ready to pounce. The announcer’s voice echoes through the arena: “Fighting out of the Red corner; representing the Sales Bull-pen. He’s light on his feet and known for his jabs and his uncanny ability to bounce up off the mat. With incalculable wins and unspecified losses, he’s the prize-fighter from another  …>> more

What not to do when deploying Windows 7

April 8, 2014 is coming up fast. Too fast for many IT shops. That’s the date when Windows XP extended support ends and Microsoft will stop updating the OS. Many organizations are finding themselves in a bit of a time crunch to complete their desktop deployments before time runs out. Windows XP will not suddenly stop working on April 9. It’ll still boot, it’ll still run applications, and it’ll still connect to the Internet. But  …>> more