About ITbuzz

Welcome to ITbuzz.ca, a resource for business owners and IT professionals to find advice, information and inspiration about how technology can solve business problems.

ITbuzz is owned and operated by Compugen Inc., in 2012 named Canada’s top Information Technology Solution Provider by Computer Dealer News. Since 1981, Compugen has provided innovative technology solutions and services to help customers leverage their investments in technology infrastructure. We have highly qualified technical staff operating in major cities across Canada, and a full range of award-winning solutions to organizations that want to use IT as a strategic asset.

Our passion lies in the intersection of business and technology, and the potential for technology to solve business problems. Our writers are subject matter experts with hundreds of cumulative years of experience in technology and business. We enjoy technology for technology’s sake, but we also believe there is a need to explain technology to make it relevant to business requirements.

Some of our topics of interest include:

  • What’s the best way to manage IT infrastructure, and how do all the pieces fit together?
  • How can virtualization help me and my business?
  • How can unified communications make my business more efficient?
  • What are the best ways to enable users to collaborate and work independently to create, enhance, and process data?
  • How do I keep my data centre humming smoothly? How do I keep it safe?
  • How can I insulate myself from disaster, or recover while keeping my business operational?

These are key issues that affect everyone whose line of work is tied to the knowledge economy, and demystifying the questions surrounding IT is the first step to understanding how to harness and leverage its potential.

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