About Andrew Stewart

Andrew provides leadership to Compugen’s marketing team as well as the Human Resources, Facilities and Payroll groups of the company. Andrew plays a major part in managing marketing relationships with technology partners for Compugen and sits on North American and Global advisory boards for Gartner, HP and Microsoft. He is a member of the Dublin-based Innovation Value Institute which brings together participants from industry and academe, including Intel and the National University of Ireland, to develop best practice models for IT. Email Andrew here.

Blackberry blues and the future of tech in Canada

As one of the few Canadians attending a recent international IT meeting, I found myself on the receiving end of several expressions of condolences about the fate of Blackberry – some more sincere than others. I have to admit, both as a happy ‘berry’ user for many years and as a proud Canadian, to experiencing at least a twinge of sadness at the negativity that seems to surround this one-time flagship of our industry in  …>> more

How to choose the best cloud for your business

Cloud Collage
It’s hard to ignore all the buzz around cloud computing. Offering an impressive list of potential infrastructure benefits, including cost reduction, flexibility, scalability, reliability, maintainability and more, cloud represents a significant disruptive shift in the traditional computing paradigm. Cost, performance, security and budget all offer compelling reasons to make a jump to the cloud. But there are dozens of cloud services available, so how do you decide which cloud model is right for you? Key  …>> more