About Dean Reid

Dean Reid is the Vice President, Information Technology for Compugen. His extensive experience and understanding of infrastructure, application development and deployment, hardware, software and overall business operations allows him to enable growth of Compugen’s business through a well-designed array of complementary technology. Dean’s strong commitment to integrating the best technology from our many partners into Compugen’s data centre provides him with invaluable insight into the challenges faced by all IT departments. Leveraging a team of internal and customer-facing architects to design and implement Compugen’s environment drives innovation and advanced learning for both clients and staff. Since joining Compugen in 1989, Dean has held a variety of roles at all levels in IT, moving into his current role as VP early in 2012. Dean holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Brandon University. Email Dean here.
BY DEAN REID, MAY 29, 2019

What it’s like inside the chaos of a cyber-attack

Every disaster movie starts the same way. Happy people joyfully going about their daily lives, completely unaware of the panic and chaos that is about to befall them. This is exactly how it is in the minutes and hours leading up to a cyber-attack. There is no warning, no lead time to prepare. It’s just calm one moment and bedlam the next. How would you react if right this second, your organization was hit with  …>> more

How to get away without hiring a chief digital officer

Chief digital officer – it’s a new role, and one that we have been certainly hearing a lot about recently. Because of how new the role is, the job description is fluid but in general terms, the CDO is a senior manager with experience in digital marketing and e-commerce, and has led analog-to-digital transitions of both products and companies.  Unlike a CIO, whose role is to optimize efficiencies using technology, the CDO role is fundamentally  …>> more

How can we make business mobility = productivity

Man on a phone call at night
There is no question that laptops, tablets and smartphones have moved from personal communication devices to necessary business tools. The flexibility to be as productive on the move as in the office is too enticing to ignore. Today’s business person not only wants, but needs immediate access to the necessary information and tools to make decisions whether at a customer location, in the boardroom or at home. This push to effectively access and utilize data  …>> more

What happened to innovation in IT?

Today’s IT department is under considerable pressure to do things differently and strike a balance between meeting the needs of the organization and the changing expectations of users. What has made IT successful in the past may no longer be adequate. Pressure from within IT persists as management continues to struggle with the age-old conflict between just keeping existing systems running smoothly and the need to generate value for the business (e.g. by deploying new  …>> more

What we learned when we rebuilt our own data centre

New Data Centre
When we rebuilt the Compugen data centre at our new headquarters, we had a chance to put our own solutions into practice. We have seen lots of advances in technology for datacentres in recent years – network convergence, virtualization, blade infrastructure, multi-core processing, SANs, IP telephony, fibre-over-ethernet, cloud computing and more. With so many exciting new choices, however, there is always a risk of getting caught up in the ‘latest & greatest’ and the quest  …>> more