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Three tech trends that will change the business of technology in 2014

The last few years have been tough on tech companies; more than 30 percent of the value-added resellers and solution providers that were in business a couple of years ago are no longer operating. By way of reference, this figure is double the traditional attrition rate that comes from businesses going bankrupt, being acquired, or just shutting down to pursue other opportunities. The economic downturn did not make matters easier, and integrators and manufacturers have had  …>> more

Are Canadian companies wary of cloud computing?

The second annual Telus-IDC Study has been released, and it offers some insight and rays of sunlight about business cloud adoption in the Canadian market.  But first, the bad news…. we are scared of the cloud Canadian business and IT leaders are surprisingly fearful of cloud computing. In his recent report,  IDC analyst Mark Schrutt notes a pattern of “perceived data governance challenges” that seem to prevent Canadian organizations from acting on opportunity to “take advantage of  …>> more

Managing the cloud… and winning

Even the cloud has limitations
Organizations of all sizes continue to express strong interest in cloud computing technologies. To quantify just how strong customer demand is, on average, cloud computing revenues for technology companies have increased year-over-year and the various services available via the cloud is growing daily. Example being Salesforce.com-fiscal 2014 results announced a 30% year-over-year growth. The cloud’s promise of ease of use, faster time to implement and accelerated return on investment is attractive to companies as they  …>> more

PRISM revelations mean we have less privacy than we thought

Recent headlines about the scope of government snooping on telecommunications activities in the United States have prompted reactions ranging from outrage on the negative side to affirmation or resignation on the positive side. It seems that most of us have less privacy than we thought. Privacy: More Than Just Confidentiality Privacy is related to confidentiality, one of the cornerstones of information security (along with integrity and availability). But privacy and confidentiality are different: privacy relates  …>> more

Working from home is still real work

Work from anywhere!
  “Is a traditional office even necessary?” That’s what an article in yesterday’s Report on Business section of the Globe and Mail asked. After all, in the age of cloud computing, mobile devices, and cheap and fast internet, who really needs to go to the office? Why not work from home, where you can lounge about in PJs and eat bonbons while you creatively respond to emails? In fact, anyone can start a business and  …>> more