About Johanna Delroy

Johanna is the Director of Marketing for Compugen and is responsible for the company’s marketing strategy and brand with a goal of increased market share and stronger customer relationships. In her 20 year tenure with Compugen, Johanna has held numerous roles including Director of Corporate Sales and Director of Consulting Services providing her a broad and varied perspective on business issues.

4 key lessons from a website redesign

Compugen is about to launch our totally made-over, written-from-scratch website. I’m thrilled that we’re at the 90-yard mark and overall, really pleased with the results. We went in with clear objectives and I believe that we’ve largely achieved them. Having said that, it has been an enormous, time-consuming, and at times, wrenching task. This was my first website redesign and despite a lot of research, I learned a lot of things the hard way, first  …>> more