About Julian Galley

Julian is a technologist who provides a comprehensive analysis of the entire IT infrastructure and who defines or recommends suitable enterprise technology architecture models, standards, and platforms to enable end-to-end business and IT transformations across complex environments. He has a broad-based technical understanding encompassing virtually all areas of IT, with areas of enterprise specialization that span private and public cloud application and datacentre virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure, storage integration, performance load testing and optimization, switching and routing, active directory, disaster recovery, and operational management. Email Julian here.

Connectivity in a cloud based world – do you have a single point of failure?

Recently I have been curious about how businesses are connecting to cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.  Like you, I am overwhelmed with cloud marketing initiatives from vendors that expound on the virtues of migrating to the cloud, hybrid IT, and cloud-first messaging – to name a few.  There is a lot of information readily available about consuming cloud infrastructure, platforms, and services.  It occurs to me that how we connect our  …>> more

Reducing Cost, Increasing Flexibility, and Facing Future Threats: VMWare NSX and the Virtualized Network

It is often difficult for companies to understand and appropriately react to paradigm shifts that require radically different thinking. For technology companies, having the flexibility to react appropriately when a paradigm shift presents itself is absolutely critical. Apple’s move into mobile, and Microsoft’s move into cloud services are both examples of this. Whether your company is web facing with a large online presence, or a regular bricks-and-mortar business, technology is involved. From employee workstations, to  …>> more

Social engineering: network security’s weakest point

Recent news about the NSA accessing personal information, and allegations of Canadian officials spying on their Brazilian counterparts, has brought surveillance and security issues to the public eye once again. Because network security is one of my areas of specialization, people often come to me when topics such as these ones make the headlines. Everybody is quick to scrutinize the technology – what was wrong with the technical solution, the architect or the network. However,  …>> more