About Steve Spence

Steve is National Director of Compugen’s Managed Services. He has more than 30 years of IT experience in business development, management and consulting. Steve writes for ITBuzz on a variety of topics. Email Steve here.

The Productization of Managed Services

A new model of IT managed services is rising out of the ashes of yesteryear’s outsourcing model. But unlike the legendary ostrich-like phoenix, this new Managed Service is not being reborn as a lumbering prehistoric phoenix but more like a flock of nimble starlings. more

Following Alex Ferguson’s management formula

Sir Alex Ferguson is arguably one of the most successful and prolific professional sports coaches of all time. Over his 26-year tenure as guardian of Manchester United – one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world – his teams racked up trophy after trophy after trophy. He won 13 English top-league championships and 25 other trophies. Ferguson is to Man. U what Steve Jobs was to Apple. Despite being a recovering jockaholic, my  …>> more

NSA, PRISM and public-cloud data: how safe is it?

It came to light this week that the National Security Administration (NSA) has had access to user data in public-cloud applications such as Facebook, Google, Apple and six other applications as well as a host of phone companies. It appears that a secret NSA program called PRISM has been scanning search histories, emails, files and even live chats. Previously it was classified as Top Secret but as a result of this expose, NSA has now  …>> more

The once-unstoppable force of selling meets the new immovable object of procurement

  An article for both buyers and sellers There they stand, two fighters fiercely staring at each other across the Octagon, fired up and ready to pounce. The announcer’s voice echoes through the arena: “Fighting out of the Red corner; representing the Sales Bull-pen. He’s light on his feet and known for his jabs and his uncanny ability to bounce up off the mat. With incalculable wins and unspecified losses, he’s the prize-fighter from another  …>> more

Does shopping for managed services feel like online dating?

  Shopping for managed services can feel like online dating, doesn’t it? How do you know which company is the best fit for you? The promotional materials are snazzy, the website hits the right keywords and the reps know just what to say, but will it be a good match? The number of companies claiming to offer managed IT services is increasing rapidly, and in all likelihood, this decision is one you will have to  …>> more

Books I’m reading now

Inspiration comes from any number of places. I appreciate the quiet contemplation that comes with reading a good book and wish I had a chance to do it more frequently. These are the books that I’m reading right now. The Game by Ken Dryden. Fueled by a personal fascination in the many similarities between sales performance and athletic performance, I picked up this book and discovered that Ken Dryden is actually a very good writer delivering  …>> more