Looking for the ‘easy switch’ in your datacentre? We may have found it.

Hyperconverged technology for server and storage networking is not brand-spanking new. The technology has been out on the market for about five years now and there are many vendors offering their version of it. What is noteworthy is a relatively new player in the game who is turning heads with a new approach. Cisco HyperFlex is quickly gaining market share, recently surpassing some of the first movers in this new technology class. What is hyperconverged  …>> more

Vous recherchez une « transition facile » pour votre centre de données? Nous l’avons peut-être trouvée.

La technologie hyperconvergée pour serveur et réseau de stockage n’est pas nouvelle. Cette technologie est sur le marché depuis cinq ans maintenant et il y a plusieurs fournisseurs qui offrent leur version de cette technologie. Ce qu’il faut remarquer, c’est un joueur relativement nouveau dans le milieu qui fait tourner les têtes avec une nouvelle approche. Cisco HyperFlex gagne rapidement des parts de marché, dépassant récemment certains des pionniers de cette nouvelle classe technologique. Qu’est-ce  …>> more

Disruptive Players Expand Converged Infrastructure Options

Converged Infrastructure word cloud
Major enterprise IT vendors have introduced us to powerful technology to form a converged infrastructure. How will the next generation of companies offering purpose-built approaches in a single appliance change the model – and which approach is right for you? Converged infrastructures are changing how enterprises, large and small, deploy IT infrastructure. By combining compute, network and storage resources together in a single deployment, a converged infrastructure promises increased operational efficiency and business agility. Simply  …>> more