Why It Might Be Time to Let Go of Your Wireless Network

Wireless Network
BYOD means mobile devices are flourishing and adding to headache of keeping networks secure and optimized. Cloud-managed wireless ultimately benefits both IT departments and business operations. Outsourcing IT functions and adopting managed services are standard operating procedure for many enterprises to streamline costs and increase business agility. Now the impetus and technology is available to farm out your wireless networking infrastructure. The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon is reason enough to offload elements of your wireless network.  …>> more

Making technology accessible to families in need

In early August, I had the pleasure of participating in the launch of Connected For Success™, a national program that helps needy families with low-cost Internet access, personal computers and software. The program, offered initially to eligible Toronto Community Housing (TCH) residents, is designed give more youth online access and the tools and resources needed to experience connectivity. It is my hope that Connected for Success will help bridge Canada’s ‘digital divide’. As Harry Zarek  …>> more

Mobile computing is killing the printer

Evolve or withdraw – these are the choices facing print providers in 2013. Their traditional business model is in decline; hardcopy revenue is declining (despite three years of economic recovery) and in the third quarter of 2012, equipment sales for Xerox, Lexmark and HP all declined by at least 10%. These are two trends that are being proliferated by the explosion of mobile computing. In contrast, IT spend is increasing. Forrester predicts that IT investment  …>> more

Connected for Success gives disadvantaged families access to technology

I love seeing organizations use their resources to benefit the greater community. And I love working for a company that  takes an active leadership role with initiatives such as Green for Good, which provides a way for enterprises to recycle old IT equipment while donating cash and new technology to charities. This week another great program was announced by Compugen called Connected for Success, which helps low-income and disadvantaged families get access to technology through  …>> more

The secret to successful print management

Recycle Less
Want to know the secret to reducing your print management costs? Print less. I know, folks, this is revolutionary. For years now, we’ve been hearing about how organizations can save up to 30% of their print costs by actively managing their print environment. So organizations adopt cost-saving print management solutions, including consolidating single-function devices into multifunction printers, centralizing procurement for economies of scale, negotiating cost-per-page print services contracts, automating paper and toner supplies and implementing  …>> more

Buyer beware! Counterfeit software rampant in refurbished equipment market

Using refurbished computer equipment–printers, servers and mostly desktop and laptop PCs–is an attractive option for cost-conscious organizations like small- to mid-size firms, school boards and individual schools, for example. Unfortunately, however, the refurbished equipment market has also been a hotbed of software piracy–primarily the illegal use of improperly licensed operating system software. According to Microsoft, counterfeit software is a serious and growing problem for the 35 million PCs that are refurbished and resold globally each  …>> more