The four Rs of print fleet management

Organizations obviously understand the need to manage their print fleets. Managed Print Services are nothing new and most organizations are having conversations with potential MPS providers or have actually put an MPS program in place. One of the main comments that I hear from potential customers is that they feel the transition from a non-managed to a managed environment is a huge step, with the replacement of existing devices a major concern. My response is  …>> more

Mobile computing is killing the printer

Evolve or withdraw – these are the choices facing print providers in 2013. Their traditional business model is in decline; hardcopy revenue is declining (despite three years of economic recovery) and in the third quarter of 2012, equipment sales for Xerox, Lexmark and HP all declined by at least 10%. These are two trends that are being proliferated by the explosion of mobile computing. In contrast, IT spend is increasing. Forrester predicts that IT investment  …>> more

Spiralling print costs? Try a DIY audit

It still amazes me, but I visit many organizations that have little or no idea what their current print environment consists of or what it costs. There are simple warning signs that your print environment is not as efficient as it could be, and you will do yourself a big favour if you recognize them as the red flags they are. How do you start the ball rolling when it comes to consolidation and controlling  …>> more

The secret to successful print management

Recycle Less
Want to know the secret to reducing your print management costs? Print less. I know, folks, this is revolutionary. For years now, we’ve been hearing about how organizations can save up to 30% of their print costs by actively managing their print environment. So organizations adopt cost-saving print management solutions, including consolidating single-function devices into multifunction printers, centralizing procurement for economies of scale, negotiating cost-per-page print services contracts, automating paper and toner supplies and implementing  …>> more

Why you need an expense line item for toner

A large percentage of calls from customers to corporate service desks have always been related to toner and toner cartridges, primarily those used in printers. While toner hardly deserves the same level of attention you pay to your server farm or datacentre, it can still represent a substantial expense and logistics burden. When I looked more closely at this barely visible and poorly understood aspect of IT infrastructure, I found that most organizations don’t have a  …>> more