Inspiration from a 20th century warrior

When I was thirteen years old my father took me to see George C. Scott’s cinematic portrayal of General George S Patton. I was forever to become a student and fan of one of the most controversial generals of the Second World War. more

NSA, PRISM and public-cloud data: how safe is it?

It came to light this week that the National Security Administration (NSA) has had access to user data in public-cloud applications such as Facebook, Google, Apple and six other applications as well as a host of phone companies. It appears that a secret NSA program called PRISM has been scanning search histories, emails, files and even live chats. Previously it was classified as Top Secret but as a result of this expose, NSA has now  …>> more

Truths end users never tell the IT department

Secrets. We all have them, especially when it comes to work habits. The question is, how secret are they really? I’ve often wondered if the IT department actually believes me when I tell them that my company smartphone mysteriously stopped working. It didn’t fall in the sink, I swear! We conducted a very unscientific survey and based on our “research”, here are the top 5 truths end users will never tell the IT department. 1.  …>> more

IT Battle of the Bands

  In the words of the Winnipeg Free Press, who would have thought that techno-geeks of the world could also be hot musicians? Introducing Techapalooza, an event you never knew existed, featuring bands you’ve probably never heard before. Hosted on February 21, 2013, Techapalooza raised $35,000 for the Manitoba Cancer Care Foundation. It was also a chance for some tech sector workers to  show off their hidden musical talents. The rules of Techapalooza were simple:  …>> more

Books I’m reading now

Inspiration comes from any number of places. I appreciate the quiet contemplation that comes with reading a good book and wish I had a chance to do it more frequently. These are the books that I’m reading right now. The Game by Ken Dryden. Fueled by a personal fascination in the many similarities between sales performance and athletic performance, I picked up this book and discovered that Ken Dryden is actually a very good writer delivering  …>> more