Mobile computing is killing the printer

Evolve or withdraw – these are the choices facing print providers in 2013. Their traditional business model is in decline; hardcopy revenue is declining (despite three years of economic recovery) and in the third quarter of 2012, equipment sales for Xerox, Lexmark and HP all declined by at least 10%. These are two trends that are being proliferated by the explosion of mobile computing. In contrast, IT spend is increasing. Forrester predicts that IT investment  …>> more

The secret to successful print management

Recycle Less
Want to know the secret to reducing your print management costs? Print less. I know, folks, this is revolutionary. For years now, we’ve been hearing about how organizations can save up to 30% of their print costs by actively managing their print environment. So organizations adopt cost-saving print management solutions, including consolidating single-function devices into multifunction printers, centralizing procurement for economies of scale, negotiating cost-per-page print services contracts, automating paper and toner supplies and implementing  …>> more