Connectivity in a cloud based world – do you have a single point of failure?

Recently I have been curious about how businesses are connecting to cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.  Like you, I am overwhelmed with cloud marketing initiatives from vendors that expound on the virtues of migrating to the cloud, hybrid IT, and cloud-first messaging – to name a few.  There is a lot of information readily available about consuming cloud infrastructure, platforms, and services.  It occurs to me that how we connect our  …>> more

Hybrid cloud vs. hybrid deployment: one writer learns the difference

Eureka! Perhaps I’m way behind the rest of you, but I recently had a “Eureka, I get it!” moment regarding hybrid clouds, thanks to a VMware presentation I attended. Let me see if I can relive that eureka moment by playing back to you what I learned. You be the judge of whether I did in fact get it. Perhaps you’ll even have a mini-moment yourself, vicariously through my experience. First, to be clear, I’m talking  …>> more