How virtual reality accelerates learning on campus

Immersive learning is transforming education as we know it. Imagine you could bring someone from 1880 and show them our society in 2019. A visit to a modern office space would have them baffled by smartphones, videoconferencing and laptop computers. A stop at the local hospital would present them with a way of approaching healthcare that would have been unimaginable for them. Now suppose you brought them to a university lecture hall. Would they see  …>> more

What happened to innovation in IT?

Today’s IT department is under considerable pressure to do things differently and strike a balance between meeting the needs of the organization and the changing expectations of users. What has made IT successful in the past may no longer be adequate. Pressure from within IT persists as management continues to struggle with the age-old conflict between just keeping existing systems running smoothly and the need to generate value for the business (e.g. by deploying new  …>> more

Books I’m reading now

Inspiration comes from any number of places. I appreciate the quiet contemplation that comes with reading a good book and wish I had a chance to do it more frequently. These are the books that I’m reading right now. The Game by Ken Dryden. Fueled by a personal fascination in the many similarities between sales performance and athletic performance, I picked up this book and discovered that Ken Dryden is actually a very good writer delivering  …>> more