Why It Might Be Time to Let Go of Your Wireless Network

Wireless Network
BYOD means mobile devices are flourishing and adding to headache of keeping networks secure and optimized. Cloud-managed wireless ultimately benefits both IT departments and business operations. Outsourcing IT functions and adopting managed services are standard operating procedure for many enterprises to streamline costs and increase business agility. Now the impetus and technology is available to farm out your wireless networking infrastructure. The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon is reason enough to offload elements of your wireless network.  …>> more

The once-unstoppable force of selling meets the new immovable object of procurement

  An article for both buyers and sellers There they stand, two fighters fiercely staring at each other across the Octagon, fired up and ready to pounce. The announcer’s voice echoes through the arena: “Fighting out of the Red corner; representing the Sales Bull-pen. He’s light on his feet and known for his jabs and his uncanny ability to bounce up off the mat. With incalculable wins and unspecified losses, he’s the prize-fighter from another  …>> more