IT Battle of the Bands


In the words of the Winnipeg Free Press, who would have thought that techno-geeks of the world could also be hot musicians? Introducing Techapalooza, an event you never knew existed, featuring bands you’ve probably never heard before.

Hosted on February 21, 2013, Techapalooza raised $35,000 for the Manitoba Cancer Care Foundation. It was also a chance for some tech sector workers to  show off their hidden musical talents.

The rules of Techapalooza were simple: every band member must work in the IT sector. Bands were allowed two ringers from outside IT. Judging was done by a panel of 3 judges from the local music industry.

Bill and Dave’s Garage Band was selected as the “Judge’s Favourite”.

The band’s name pays homage to garages everywhere, which have been breeding grounds for great music since the dawn of the electric guitar, and Bill and Dave Packard’s garage in particular, which spawned HP and Silicon Valley. Its line-up featured: The infamous “Sinnott Boys” lead by Neil Sinnot (HP) on vocals and guitar and his sons Tom (drums) and Erik (guitar).  From the east side of the tracks, Thom Wolstencroft  (vocals, Compugen) and Napoleon Sansregret (guitar, HP); and, coaxed out of retirement, Brad Enns (Compugen), the former bass player from the iconic Winnipeg New Wave band Doris Daze and the Bank Robbers.

The awards? Silver and bronze guitar-shaped trophies made out of old computer parts.

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